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Thank you for your interest in investing in the City of Wakefield. With convenient access to the Porcupine Mountains and countless opportunities to invest in both new and historic properties, Wakefield City welcomes your interest. To ensure the City of Wakefield is providing the best development experience possible, it is actively working to implement and maintain Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) best practices.
This page serves as a clearinghouse for everything you will need to know to smoothly navigate the planning and zoning review process. For full details, we encourage you to download Wakefield City’s Guide to Development. If you have any questions, please contact our City Manager/Zoning Administrator, Robert Brown:

Robert A Brown Jr.

Meet Early Apply Once
Prior to submitting a Zoning Permit Application, Zoning Board of Appeals Application, or any other permit, prospective applicants are encouraged to meet with the Zoning Administrator for a conceptual review of the project. These meetings are free of charge and provide an opportunity for an informal consultation of the project with City staff to identify any barriers and opportunities prior to applicants investing substantial time and resources into a formal site plan draft and review. To schedule a conceptual review meeting, please contact the Zoning Administrator at the City. To help you prepare for this meeting, please complete the Pre-Conference Questionnaire; it will be used at the meeting.

Zoning Ordinance
Wakefield City is a zoned community. This means that all development must conform with applicable regulations. Zoning is based on the community’s Master Plan to help ensure consistent and orderly development. Wakefield City’s zoning ordinance was fully updated in 1990.
The zoning ordinance consists of two parts: the zoning map which shows the designated zoning district for each parcel and the zoning text. To use the zoning ordinance, first, use the map to determine which zone the parcel(s) are in. Then refer to the text for applicable regulations.

As set by the City council, Wakefield City charges fees for various zoning and development services including permits and reviews. For the most current Fee Schedule. Payments for City Development Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card. For further information regarding online credit card payments, click here.

Ready to apply? All zoning and development review forms can be found on our "Forms and Publications Page"

Building Inspections & Permits
All building reviews and permits are handled by the Building Inspector, Donald Saari. A project must have been issued a Wakefield City Zoning Permit before beginning the building review process.

Economic Development Incentives
Wakefield City works closely with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Projects may be eligible for incentives through these entities as well. Wakefield City officials can help connect applicants with the right points of contact at these organizations.

Wakefield Electric

The Energy Smart Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program makes it easy for local Michigan Businesses to reduce your energy usage, lower your costs and earn rebates when you make certain energy-saving updates

Wakefield City maintains numerous plans to guide future growth while maintaining the things our residents and stakeholders love about the village: